What is a Safe Zone?

A "Safe Zone" is a place where your ANKR app can relax.

If you and your ANKR-tagged item are within the safe zone, you won't get notifications when you get separated from your item. You can associate multiple safe zones with a single ANKR, such as your house, office, and gym.

We built this feature into the app because we understand that you don't always need to be attached at the hip to your stuff. For example, you don't need need to be notified about leaving your purse if you walk outside your house (a Safe Zone) to check the mailbox.  But you should be notified if you leave your purse at a restaurant (non-Safe Zone).   

Your ANKR and your mobile app are always tracking, but we know not to bother you unnecessarily because the app is smart enough to distinguish between what's lost and what's not.

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