Can ANKRs get wet?

Officially, ANKRs are "water resistant."

Unofficially, one of the co-founders accidentally dumped a box of 20 ANKRs out of his car during a thunderstorm storm into a rain ditch this past winter.

Thanks to their rounded design, they made some speedy little boats although he did not have the foresight to see which one was winning.

After letting fly a few choice words, he went running after them as they raced downstream.

It took him several trips back out into the storm to find the missing ANKRs because he was concerned people were watching him out their windows. "Who is the stranger out wandering in the rain, hunched over the ditch by our car?" Trying not to play out too many of these scenarios in his head, he found the remaining drowned ANKRs, some of which were submerged for 30 minutes in freezing water, the poor things.

After letting them dry out for a few hours, every single one including their batteries and buzzers worked perfectly and they are still being used by the team to this day. Although we don't recommend entering them in a regatta, they should be more than water resistant. 

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