How location tracking and notifications works

Location Tracking

The ANKR mobile app uses your smartphone's location services (GPS and WiFi location data) to keep track of the location of your ANKR tags while they are in range of your smartphone.

Separated ANKRs are displayed in the main menu with a location pin.

A red pin indicates that an ANKR was left behind outside a safe zone. 

A gray pin indicates that an ANKR was left behind inside a safe zone. 

Tap on a pin to display the last known location of the ANKR

Separation Notifications

If an ANKR leaves the range of your smartphone, then the ANKR app will not alarm immediately and will go through a process in order to be confident that it is missing. This works to help ensure there are no false alarms. When the app is sufficiently confident something is missing, it will send the user a notification.

If the app is in the background or the phone is asleep, you will receive a notification and audible alert on your phone.

If you do not hear an audible alert, check to see if the ringer volume on your phone has been turned down or if your phone's ring switch has been set to silent/vibrate.

If the app is open in the foreground, you will not receive a notification or audible alert.

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